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Based in Bristol, England. Jacob Dear (B.1995) is a photographer who specialises in documentary photography & photojournalism.  

Jacob is focused on documentary photography, producing such projects as, Lost Holiday, Treasure Island, 5ks & 8 Million Tonnes. All these bodies of work being published nationally with Treasure Island being exhibited in Port Talbot & being published into a limited run of books. Whilst being focused on documentary photography, Jacob has also kept working closely with clients such as Costa Coffee, Dirt wars MTB, Nass Festival, Hallmark Tattoo, Comfy Living, Coach House Engineering Ltd, Red plus Yellow Ltd, White wave production and Griffins Carnival Club, Just to name a few.

Jacob is always striving to further his understanding of photography & to build stronger relationships with clients. Recently graduating from his Masters in photography from the University of Gloucestershire, where Jacob started Coverless. An independent photography publishing agency dedicated to creating a platform for up and coming artist by producing zines & exhibitions. With this in mind, Jacob is looking forward to continuing his journey as a photographer & publisher.  


Burnham &  Highbridge, Weekly news (In page story) - 12th January 2020

Treasure Island (Self-published) - January 2020

Coverless volume one zine - January 2019

96 Hours in Portugal (Self-published) zine - December 2018

Burnham &  Highbridge, Weekly news (Front cover story) - 19th June 2018


Prevail (Tÿ Celf Collective Exhibition)

Guangzhou, China, Auguest 23rd - September 15th


Time. To. Engage. (Coverless Collective Exhibition)

King Alfred School, Burnham-on-sea, February 28th - 29th

MA Photography 2020 (Collective Exhibition)

Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham, January 31st - February 7th

Treasure Island (Solo Exhibition)

Carmel Chapel, Port Talbot, December 13th - 15th 

BOS Fest (Street art Festival)

Prince's theatre, Burnham-on-sea, September 1st - 2nd


Winter Winds (Open air)

Sea defence wall, Burnham-on-sea, May 5 - Ongoing. 


8 Million Tonnes (Open air)

Calm Coffee Bar, Burnham-on-sea, January 21st - April 5th 



Andrews of Abingdon Street, Burnham-on-sea,  September 4th - October 1st, 2016

Its Time For

The Island, Bristol, April 5th - April 10th - 2016


Centre Space, Bristol, June 18th - 21st, 2015      

07528 816688

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